Hacking Bluetooth to brew coffee #Bluetooth « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers! – Adafruit Blog

December 8, 2022 AT 2:34 pm grack.com goes on an odyssey of getting a new coffeemaker, learning BTLE and how it works, reverse-engineering the Bluetooth interface and Android applications for a coffeemaker, writing a Rust-based CLI interface, and finally, hooking it all up to a GitHub actions bot…

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Build a Fleet of Low Power, Cloud-Connected e-Ink Displays #eink @hacksterio – Adafruit Blog

December 8, 2022 AT 2:15 pm Brandon Satrom posts on hackster.io on using the Blues Wireless Notecard and Notehub.io to keep a fleet of e-Ink displays synchronized across a facility.In this article, I’ll walk through a simple, low-cost and low-power solution for connected digital signage using the Notecard, Notehub.io…

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The Lisp Star #LISP @technoblogy @MicrochipMakes « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers! – Adafruit Blog

December 8, 2022 AT 1:32 pm The Lisp Star is a star-shaped pendant that you can program in Lisp to make its six colored LEDs twinkle in different patterns:The pendant is based on the ATtiny3227, a microcontroller with 32Kbytes of flash memory and 3Kbytes of RAM, enough memory…

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Letting an AI Design A Tabletop Terrain Diorama – Adafruit Blog

December 8, 2022 AT 1:00 pm Abandon Miniatures wanted to try having an AI art program design a scene that could be turned into a diorama. They used the Midjourney AI to create the image and then translated that into a moody miniature scene.To film the miniature, they…

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Adafruit Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2022 – DEADLINES APPROACHING – International and Domestic Ground – Adafruit Blog


December 7, 2022 AT 8:30 am Attention international customers – please place all DHL Express orders by 11am ET Monday December 12.Attention domestic customers – please place all USPS First Class and Priority orders by 11am ET Thursday, December 8And UPS Ground orders by 11am ET Monday December…

A bare metal microcontroller programming guide « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers! – Adafruit Blog


December 6, 2022 AT 2:35 pm Sergey Lyubka provides a guide written for developers who wish to start programming microcontrollers using the GCC compiler and a bare metal approach. It uses a Nucleo-F429ZI development board with STM32F429 microcontroller. But basic principles are applicable to any other microcontroller. In…

Brake light and turn signals for backpacks #CircuitPlaygroundExpress @hackadayio – Adafruit Blog


December 6, 2022 AT 10:35 am Estudio Roble posts on hackaday.io a backpack project with electronic signaling. An accelerometer autodetects braking. The turn signals are commanded by a 315MHz radio module. 78 NeoPixels are used for lighting the indicators with an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express (CPX) controlling the…