Arduino customisable artificial intelligence and gesture recognition – Geeky Gadgets

10:02 am April 16, 2021 By Julian Horsey If you are interested in artificial intelligence and gesture recognition you may be interested in a new article published to the official Arduino blog this week by the Arduino Team. Using a Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense and untethered gesture…

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Dream On with grandMA3: Shakespeare becomes virtual –

UK – “Dream” is an ingenious and engaging multi-layered mix of movement, music, visuals, cool technology and narrative magic, an immersive digital performance fusing the drama of Shakespeare with the dynamic worlds of gaming and theatre in a ground-breaking production by the UK’s Royal Shakespeare Company in collaboration…

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Customizable artificial intelligence and gesture recognition – Blogdottv

Reading Time: 2 minutes Arduino Team — April 15th, 2021In many respects we think of artificial intelligence as being all encompassing. One AI will do any task we ask of it. But in reality, even when AI reaches the advanced levels we envision, it won’t automatically be able…

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Heavy Metal Cyberdeck Has An Eye Towards Expansion – Hackaday

Whether we’re talking about Gibson’s Sprawl or our increasingly dystopian reality, one of the defining characteristics of a cyberdeck is that it can be easily customized and upgraded over time. While a few of the builds we’ve covered over the last couple of years have focused more on…

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STEM Stars Greece Winners Prepare for International Student Competition STEM Stars Greece Winners Prepare for International Student Competition – Greek Reporter

The STEM Stars Greece students competition is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Athens. Credit: Facebook / US Embassy AthensSTEM Stars Greece, the competition aimed at supporting, highlighting and rewarding teenage students with a special talent in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, announced the winners selected through its…