HotZones Diamond

Purchase your subscription to HotZones Diamond. A world leader in Enterprise level nation-state cyber security”

$4.99 / month


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HotZones Diamond level subscription

02:23 As Predator drones circle like hawks in the dusky purple sky they monitor their prey from deep within Langley. Now, a low rumble from deep into the inky black night, not even a blip on the enemies radar, a C130 glides low over the oily hot dusky desert barely the shadow of an eagle. The pilot drops the throttle and the spec-ops team deploys.

Yet, not 10 clicks away, an unseen enemy, his greasy sandblasted fingers clacking, tapping on a dusty keyboard, tries to access your computer through a flaky satellite link connection.

He’s trying to infiltrate your computer, trying to worm into America’s heart -and even the drones and operators cannot see him.

As the United States military does its part to protect you overhead and in the skies, on the ground, in your land, in your house, you need to do your part.

And you do. Your front-line defense is provided by HotZones by VeritasR. And those capabilities are top notch and online.

No foreign operative will intercept your communications, you have have installed the defensive protection you, your family, and your country need to preserve freedom from America’s threats.

The worm hits a rock, he can go no further.

VeritasR does one thing -we protect you and yours, and we do it well. When there’s an shift in alliances, HotZones by VeritasR is there.


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