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April the 27th, 2021 – The Zagreb IT company Q, one of the fastest growing such companies about which much has been written in recent times, has gone one step further with their developments and have come up with something innovative for the medical field.

As Novac writes, one of the fastest growing European IT enterprises, the Zagreb IT company Q, has recently developed a futuristic product for the medical field. It is a software solution that helps a donated kidney find its suitable recipient more easily and more quickly. More specifically, according to the company’s statement on the topic, the application should determine in advance whether the new host will be able to receive a particular organ before the organ is actually transplanted, all with the aim of fully unleashing the potential of each donated organ before the procedure takes place.

About 15-20 percent of donated organs across the world end up never being re-used because there are no tools to thoroughly analyse them or their potential in a new body. That is why the Zagreb IT company Q has developed the Accunea Transplant Monitor application for the English company Accunea, which will help in organ transplantation and work on increasing the number of successful operations in this sense. The application, which is still in its conceptual phase, will soon be tested in one of the most prestigious London hospitals.

“With the help of this application, nephrologists will be able to remotely monitor key biochemical data and save human lives in time. It’s the first such concept made with human organs in mind which is a revolutionary step in healthcare. We’re very happy to have the opportunity to work on global projects that affect the well-being of people,” said Filip Ljubic, the CEO of the Zagreb IT company Q.

The technology itself works by placing sensors connected to an Arduino device on an organ set to be transplanted in a sterile environment, which read three values ​​- creatinine, glucose and lactate, as well as their oscillations. Such a principle makes it possible to monitor that particular organ’s functions in real time via Bluetooth. The London-based biotech company Accunea is otherwise engaged in analytical medicine, and this new application will be used primarily in kidney transplantation procedures in the future.

This is just one of the recent successes of this Croatian IT company. Last year, Q was named as one of the Top 20 best development companies in the world by the world’s leading IT company ranking agency, and it also won the award for the best employer in Croatia.

The Zagreb-based enterprise already has extensive biotech experience and has enjoyed close cooperation with prestigious biotech clients from Switzerland, Germany and the United States of America. They currently have over 190 experts working for them, and their plan is to hire about 100 more over the next year, their statement concluded.

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