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By Julian Horsey

USB cable tester

If you have a pile of USB cables this handy Arduino Cable Tracer project can help you test and diagnose your USB cables from issues, making sure you have the most efficient and safest possible system charging your mobile devices and gadgets. The project has been built by the team over at TechKiwiGadgets and allows you to test a variety of different cable connections and will quickly diagnose if your cable is faulty. Check out the video below to see the Arduino Cable Tracer in action.

The Arduino Cable Tracer has been created using an Arduino Mega 2560 board with its IO pins connected to USB-A, USB-C, Micro-B, and Mini-B ports. Once a cable is attached the small device will scan the ports to determine the configuration and will identify any issues on the small integrated 2.8” TFT screen.

“Instantly diagnose the type and integrity of USB cables with this Arduino Cable Tracer. Suitable to trace USB A, Mini, Mico, and USB-C cables this is very useful to identify the exact wiring configuration and also diagnose broken connections. The Arduino Mega board is an excellent option for this project because it can support both a display and provide an additional 48 digital pins to simultaneously trace each of the wires within a cable. For this prototype, I used existing cables with commonly used USB sockets.”

If you are interested in building your very own jump over to the official Instructables project page by following the link below.

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