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Thanks to the ESP family from Espressif, the use of WLAN and Bluetooth in your own IoT projects is feasible with just a few lines of code. For a few euros, projects become wireless and independent of network cables. Unfortunately, wireless electricity for power supply is not yet there in practice. Many radio projects therefore rely on a supply of bulky batteries. This can also be done more elegantly if you program the small power guzzlers appropriately.

Both the ESP8266 and the ESP32 support three power-saving modes: modem sleep, light sleep and deep sleep. The ESP32 can also go into hibernation, from which only its Real Time Clock (RTC) can wake it up. In Make 3/21 we show how to integrate the appropriate code commands and also give other practical tips on how to save electricity in battery-powered projects.

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There is more on the subject in issue 3/21 of Make.

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