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Hey Guys,

A few days ago I sketched some designs for a new lamp. Before I can finalise the design I want to have the electric circuits in order.

situation right now is:

I’ve got an arduino Nano, this guy is on stand-by all the time to save data, I’ve got a touch receptor as on/off button, and two receptors for increasing and decreasing the light intensity. I really want to get rid of the arduino tho, but I need a bit help with that.

I hope to reach the following.

A touch sensor enables the circuit, (we can judge this as an on/off switch)

two touch sensors take care of the intensity of the light due to a digital pot meter.

I’ve been wondering tho, I’ve heard something about potentiometers with an up/down function… so in my thoughts these potentiometers can change the wiper every time someone pushes the button.


I push the + button, this enables a tiny amount of power getting to the potentiometer, the potentiometer lowers the resistor, the light shines brighter.

how ever, to make it even easier for the costumer I’d like the wiper to go up or down even more when long pressing the button


I push the + button, this enables a tiny amount of powert getting to a component, this component sends the data throught to the pot meter,

3 seconds later I still have my finger on the button, the component notice still getting power, sending a signal to the potentiometer again.

what kind of component am I missing here?


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