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If you're designing your own printed circuit boards to solve problems or prototype new devices, you'll need a reliable service that can turn around your project quickly, whether for testing or larger production runs.

Many PCB fabrication services are available for you to order from. The process is simple – design your PCB, save the file for upload, then specify materials and size. After paying, you wait for delivery, then start assembly.

PCBWay does things a little differently. With a helpful website and detailed updates, PCBWay aims to provide the best PCB fabrication service around.

What Is a PCB?


A printed circuit board (PCB) is a standard way of connecting multiple electronic components. Any project with a specific or wider purpose can be built with a PCB. PCs, phones, remote controls, ovens – they all rely on PCBs. While they can be single- or double-sided, PCBs increasingly feature multi-layered

PCBs are formulated with computer-aided design software, which is then used for the manufacture of the boards.

Now, you may well know all of this already. But did you know that the manufacture of single or multiple boards is now so affordable and fast that you can order one or more PCBs today and have your order turned around in just 24-hours?

Whether you're just getting started with PCB development or you're an expert, PCBWay offers a prototype service for custom PCBs that you should check out.

Couldn’t You Just Use an Arduino?

Often, home electronics projects can be satisfied using something like an Arduino, or microcontroller like the Raspberry Pi Pico, or even a full Raspberry Pi computer.

These are all great solutions, but what if you have a specific design in mind for your project? The chosen PCB might be too large, or too powerful, for your project's aims. It is this scenario when your thoughts would turn away from Arduino to instead consider a custom-designed PCB.

Why Choose PCBWay For Your PCBs?


PCBWay has a great selection of options to help you prototype and fabricate PCBs exactly how you need them.

With over a decade's experience in PCB production, PCBWay aims to deliver quality products, fast, safe, on-time shipping, and cost-effective processing.

Boards are manufactured and assembled by PCBWay. This site is not a middleman or broker, it's the single point of contact for your PCB needs. Stringent testing is applied to boards, with X-ray Inspection Machines, Flying Probe Testers, and Automated Optical Inspection all employed to ensure reliable, trusted, high-quality PCBs.

PCBWay's website is a user-friendly only store, which not only handles highly detailed PCB orders but also provides detailed processing statuses. Uploaded Gerber files are reviewed before fabrication, faulty boards can be refunded (or in some cases repaired), and a 24-hour support team is available to assist via live chat or email.

PCBWay boasts an astounding 99% delivery rate, having delivered to over 235,000 customers worldwide.

How Much Does a PCB Cost?

PCBWay offers some of the most competitive prices around. The Instant Quote tool lets you order at least five PCB prototypes or a single high-quality advanced PCB, but pricing depends on the myriad options available. For example, you can order five two-layered PCBs measuring 150mm x 80mm for $50.PCBWay also has a special offer for the size within 100mm x 100mm, which just costs $5 for 10 prototypes.

You can select your PCB based on size, shape, layers, materials, finish, and much more. Each of these elements will change the end price, which doesn't include optional extras such as edge plating, or even assembly.

How to Order a PCB Online

To order a PCB, first ensure that your project design is complete and properly finalized in Gerber format, ready to upload.

Then, head to the PCBWay website and click the PCB Instant Quote button.

Next, specify the board type, size, quantity, and number of layers. Materials, thermal conductivity, glass transition temperature, thickness, track spacing, hole size, solder mask, surface finish, and all the other vital details should then be set. Alternatively, use the Quick Order PCB tool; it lets you directly upload Gerber files and the parameters will be filled in automatically.

When you're done, hit the Calculate button and set the desired Build Time. Choose a shipping destination, then Save to Cart. After creating an account (there is also a Connect with Facebook option) upload

What Happens During PCB Fabrication?


With your order submitted, you'll no doubt be looking forward to receiving your finished PCBs.

Yet with PCBWay, something different happens. Not only do you get a detailed yet straightforward order process, but you can also enjoy real-time updates of the entire process.

It's a fascinating process, giving you an idea of what happens in the fabrication of PCBs. Furthermore, it's likely to get you even more excited about the imminent arrival of your boards – assuming you haven't made a mistake. In most cases, errors are caught before the Gerber file goes to fabrication, however.

Get More Than PCBs at PCBWay

If you're looking for a way to print your circuit boards at a low price, PCB prototyping, and advanced PCB manufacture, PCBWay is the ideal choice.

But this service offers more than just PCBs. You'll also find CNC machining and 3D printing services, not to mention injection molding and sheet metal fabrication. In fact, prototyping an entirely new product is possible with the range of services provided by PCBWay.

With rapid prototyping and fabrication, PCBWay has everything you need to create your own electronic product.

PCBWay Makes Prototyping Easy


There are so many ways you can prototype, from basic boards and Arduinos and other types of microcontrollers to designing and fabricating your own PCBs. Looking for a PCB fabricator online that can handle your requirements reliably and with a fast turnaround can be difficult.

PCBWay has everything you need. With Gerber file checking, efficient fabrication, fast turnaround, and the option for assembly, you're well on your way to bringing your project to life.

And with the detailed board specification process helping you to ensure that your PCB meets the aims of your project, not to mention the amazing step-by-step process notification system they offer, PCBWay should be top of your list for all future PCB prototyping and subsequent fabrication needs.

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