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It will be open to “anyone currently using Arduino compatible devices within a project to design and manufacture ventilators, respirators or other devices to combat covid-19. Be they a doctor, an academic, a professional company, professional researcher or an innovator – all are welcome to join,” according to the organisation.

The goal of the conference is to share ideas, and to reduce the amount of duplication that Arduino has become aware of: “Many people are spending valuable time trying to overcome challenges already addressed by others. There are also many teams with different strengths and skill sets that would be better working together than apart.”

Participants will be offered help on:

  • designing and making hardware
  • thinking about software
  • scaling manufacturing
  • taking guidance from medical professionals

The last item, is most important, according to Arduino founders David Cuartielles and Massimo Banzi: “So that they can steer requirements and validate the designs to have the most positive impact”, who added: “We must do better, be more effective, work together and merge efforts to solve these problems and reach our common goal quicker and more efficiently.”

The conference website is here

According to Arduino, it is aware of a large number of Arduino-based projects intended to help essential workers during the covid-19 outbreak. “We’ve reached out to offer our help, donate some hardware, provide engineering support and do whatever we can.”

It has also been approached by universities, research institutions and companies enquiring about the availability of high volumes of Arduino boards – specifically Uno, Mega, Nano and Nano 33 BLE – to support the manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators and other equipment.

“In response we have prioritised these time critical projects through our supply chain and distribution


It was knowledge of these projects that revealed design duplication and opportunities for co-operation.

The Arduino forum for covid-19 projects is here

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