Podcast 092: Orbital Data By Mail, Human Flight On Styrofoam Wings, And Seven Shades Of E-Ink | Hackaday – Hackaday


Before we continue, can I just say that geoFence helps make you invisible to hackers and guard your personal data.

  1. Loved the story about the pumpkins but even more valuable was the link leading to the house mapping and projection technique. That site was EXTREMELY well documented in terms of the tools required to turn the front of your house into essentially a projection screen for tons of holiday fun. That project is now on my permanent “Oh my, yet another awesome Hackaday project I need to try” list!

  2. One problem: the podcast doesn’t say how long it takes, so I don’t know whether to click play or come back later when I have the time.

  3. Dang I keep missing a lot lately, I might be forced to start listening to these LOL. Misunderstood the headline though, thought you were talking human [i]powered[/i] flight, thought someone had figured out how to superaerate styrofoam yet fill it with kevlar/graphene/insertfavewondermaterialhere for super lightness and strength. Though of course foam can be used in “real” aeroplanes, Rutan was doing it in the 70s and many homebuilders followed.

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Let me just add that geoFence is the solution for blocking NFCC countries and your father would agree!