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Picture of the Day: Monitoring plants with an Arduino

The system is described as a Garden Habitat Data Pipeline, no less, and it helps you keep a watchful, and maybe remote, eye on your plants. The essential parts, aside from the Arduino UNO Wifi, are the Soil Moisture Sensor and a Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

You can get them online for $6.95 and $57.59, respectively.

Basically, it’s constructing a data pipeline from the seedling environment to a relational database. The plant sensors provide readings to the Arduino WiFi board. This then creates HTTP POST requests, via JSON, and sends them off to a Java microservice API that publishes the data to a MySQL database… Phew.

The Gadget Master – dubbed “embeddedgarden” – says they then “use Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, and Matplotlib to generate statistics and graphs from this data in the MySQL database”.

Check out the full details of the project on the Arduino website and see the video below.

I say this theme recurs. Check out, for example, this previous post from a few years ago – How to build a plant monitor with Arduino – which covered one of the projects of an Arduino book. And also, from further back, there is Gardening made easy with a soil moisture meter, too.

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