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OpenSourceVentilator-TrevorSmale GitHub

The aim to to have something that can be made simply in many places around the world – to be used only when not enough ‘proper’ medical ventilators are available.

There are actually a lot of similar ideas on the web, some of them of dubious quality, but this one seems to be the real deal – being designed by engineers and medical folk, and built around an existing hand-operated medical ventilator.

Should you be able to usefully contribute:

The open source ventilator project website is here

Keogh’s twitter page contains a lot of related information

The project GitHub page is here

Hats off to Colin

and thanks to the BBC World Service programme Digital Planet for bringing this project to my attention.

The image shows one of several initial concepts illustrated on GitHub.

(If I have used this image inappropriately, please tell me and I will remove it asap)

The more I think about this (and what do I know?) the more I think:

minimum number of robust printed parts, plus microswitches.

Then either:

3D printer parts: Arduino+RAMPS, stepper motor(s), 8mm lead screws (or threaded rod) or

parts for a common vehicle: windscreen wiper motor or window winder mechanism, car battery.

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