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12 February 2021

OKdo, the global technology company from Electrocomponents plc, has signed a partnership agreement with aspiring development toolkit supplier M5Stack.

This new engagement means that OKdo will be offering the whole of M5Stack’s existing ecosystem, plus it will deliver additional benefits. As a recognised global launch partner, OKdo will now be a top priority when further products are introduced – giving customers much faster access to them than via alternative channels.

Addressing the education, maker and industrial IoT markets, M5Stack specialises in open-source stackable product development toolkits, which help to simplify projects and accelerate their completion. These toolkits are based on the popular Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-enabled ESP32 microcontroller platform.

The modular architecture employed is incredibly convenient. Different sensors, cameras, speakers, keyboards, game controllers and numerous other accessories are straightforward to add to the ‘core’ controller unit. Everything fits together in a neat and streamlined way, rather than having breadboards with loose wires. Development work can be done using a variety of different languages. These include MicroBlocks, the Arduino IDE, and an online visual coding tool – UIFlow – based on Blockly and MicroPython.

“The multifaceted SBC platform that M5Stack presents is highly suited to both hobbyist and student projects,” said Richard Curtin, SVP Technology at OKdo. “It can additionally serve as a means for professional engineers to start experimenting with new design concepts and construct initial prototypes, without having to make any heavy investments in terms of time or hardware.”

“M5Stack’s primary objective is facilitating the development of cost-effective IoT-enabled devices, so that the minimum of engineering effort is required. By enabling prototypes to be created that are much more like finished products, M5Stack differentiates itself from other development solutions. It means users can really see their ideas put into action,” commented Jimmy Lai, CEO at M5Stack. “This is why collaboration with OKdo makes a great deal of sense. Their team all share very similar goals to us, plus they have the necessary drive and market knowledge to bring our technology to a far wider audience.”

Examples of the M5Stack products in stock at OKdo include: M5Stack FIRE IoT Development Kit; ESP32 GRAY Development Kit with 9Axis Sensor; M5StickV K210 AI camera (without Wi-Fi).

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