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By Julian Horsey

Arduino Forum

The development team at Arduino of this week rolled out a new design for the official Arduino Forum providing users with a “new, modern, platform which provides a dramatically improved user experience” explains the Arduino blog. “It’s fast, clean, practical, and mobile-friendly. The new interface helps focus on contents, share knowledge and generate quality interactions between people.”

The new forum is built on Discourse, which is the leading forum platform and is 100% open source. This makes the Arduino forum into one of the largest Discourse forums in the world, with over one million users and more than five million posts.

“We partnered with the Discourse team to perform this long and complex migration. It was great to collaborate with people who believe in quality, human-centric software and open source as much as we do.”

Features of the new Arduino Forum include:

– No more pages to browse manually.

– Long conversations are loaded dynamically while scrolling.

– Notifications are shown when someone mentions you or replies to your posts.

– Links are expanded with previews.

– Long conversations are automatically summarized.

– Trust levels and other tools help fight spamming and encourage good behaviors.

These are the most important things you need to know if you’re used to the old forum:

– It automatically saves drafts while you’re typing.

– The “Add Karma” button is not there any more because we now have message likes. If you want to show your appreciation, click the “Like” icon under a post.

– The “Flag” button replaces the “Report to moderator” link.

– You can configure your notification preferences on a per-category or per-topic basis by clicking the bell icon at the top-right.

– There’s no “Print” button any more. A printer-friendly rendering is created when you print from your browser.

– You can now bookmark your favorite posts. Click the avatar in the top right to access your bookmarks, notifications, mentions and history.

Source : Arduino

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