NASA astronauts complete multi-year project to upgrade batteries on the ISS – Engadget


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The ISS uses batteries to store energy harnessed from the sun with its solar panels, and it taps into those reserves every time it doesn’t have access to sunlight. And that happens often, since the station passes between sunlight and darkness every 45 minutes. That stored power is necessary to keep everything working on the ISS, including the station’s life support systems. Aside from providing the station with much—needed power, the batteries could also give us the insight needed to improve lithium-ion safety.

Now that this particular upgrade is complete, the ISS program will shift its focus to replacing the station’s solar arrays. Six new arrays will be flying aboard SpaceX flights over the next few years to replace the current ones near the end of their 15-year lifespan.

The battery upgrades at the space station are complete today after eight years of development and 14 spacewalks.

— International Space Station (@Space_Station) February 2, 2021

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