MutantC v3: Updated open-source handheld computer with a slide-out keyboard announced –


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MutantC has announced a new version of its Raspberry Pi-based mini-PC, the MutantC v3. While the developer has showcased the MutantC v3 with a Raspberry Pi Zero, the device supports alternatives from ASUS, Banana Pi and Pine. Specifically, the MutantC v3 is compatible with the ASUS Tinker Board S, the Banana Pi BPI-M4B and the PINE H64 Model B, among others.

The MutantC v3 features several changes from last year's model. Specifically, the third revision has a buzzer, a real-time clock, a gyroscope and a sensor module for measuring humidity, pressure and temperature and humidity. Other changes include a track point for mouse support with left and right buttons, a 12-pin docking port with UART, I2C, and GPIO and reduced keyboard power usage. You can read the full changes on the MutantC v3 GitLab page.

Additionally, the MutantC v3 supports its predecessor's add-ons, which the developer has outlined here. The MutantC remains highly customisable in other areas too, such as its choice of display. According to the product page, the MutantC v3 supports 2.8-inch, 3.5-inch or 4-inch displays, while its pull-out keyboard communicates via Arduino boards like the SparkFun Pro Micro or the SparkFun Qwiic Pro Micro.

However, you will need access to a 3D printer for the enclosure, along with numerous cables, transistors, headers and various modules for bringing the project together. You can find the full parts list, including Gerber files for three custom PCBs, here. The MutantC v3 runs on Raspberry Pi OS, a demo of which you can watch below.

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