Making a Cyberpunk Diorama with Arduino Light Control – Boing Boing


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Neil of Real Terrain Hobbies is one of my favorite game terrain/diorama YouTubers. I've watched his channel for years and am always blown away by his builds.

Usually, he does fantasy projects (like his amazing Medieval village), so I was surprised to see this cyberpunk diorama. This particularly caught my eye because of my history of cyberpunk series on Adafruit (where I am covering all aspects of the genre). I was also pleasantly surprised to hear that he learned Arduino from our very own Mark Frauenfelder's Skill Share class.

This video is only a Part 1. But, in it, he shares a lot of really great modeling tips that can help up anyone's terrain game. Subscribe to Neil's channel (worth it!) to see when Part 2 is loaded.

Image: YouTube

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