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Tired of using C ++? Then give MicroPython a try. Thanks to powerful microcontrollers with a comparatively large amount of memory, the script language is a powerful and easy-to-learn alternative to the Arduino IDE and C ++ for many projects.

Do you want to know more? The 86-page Make MicroPython Special offers an easy introduction to and changeover to programming microcontrollers with Python. Printed, as PDF or in a bundle.

  • The Make MicroPython Special in the heise shop

The Make MicroPython Special is available as a printed booklet Now available in the heise shop for 14.90 euros and offers 86 pages of material for beginners and those switching and shows how you can easily and quickly implement your own projects with the ESP32 (and on the Pi). In addition to an introduction to the most important language elements, the best editors and useful libraries, the booklet provides a step-by-step introduction to the installation of MicroPython on the ESP32.

We show how to control GPIOs, sensors with I.2C queries, MQTT packets sent via WLAN, uses multithreading, errors with try-catch intercepts and saves electricity with DeepSleep.

As always in Make Specials, theory goes hand in hand with practice: A CO2– Traffic light with SC30 sensor warns of excessively high concentrations by means of an LED bar. An OLED display shows various measured values, which a web server with a stylish surface can also display on browsers. For the first time we are dealing with Protocol I.2S for connecting audio hardware and showing how to operate an amplifier IC with it and how a MEMS microphone records audio data and saves it on an SD card

The printed booklet is available for € 14.90 up to and including 07/30. even postage free. as PDF the special costs € 12.99, the bundle booklet + PDF is available for € 19.90.

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