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By Julian Horsey

USB programmable mechanical keyboard keypad for PC

If you are searching for a fully featured USB programmable keypad for your PC you may be interested in the Adafruit MacroPad RP2040 starter kit which is now available to purchase direct from the companies online store. The small programmable mechanical keyboard features an OLED screen, 12 Kailh Mechanical Key Switches, Linear Red together with 12 x Clear Keycaps for MX Compatible Switches and no soldering required to build the programmable keypad, just snap the keys in and you are ready to go.

“Customize the mechanical programmable keypad for your spacecraft to help guide you through the great reaches of the unknown. (Or just have it type out your favorite emojis.) Each of the 12 sockets can accept a Cherry MX-compatible key switch.  This is the full MacroPad starter kit with included keys, key caps and enclosure! Many folks in the mechanical keyboard community like to customize the keys and keycaps of their keebs – if you want to customize it, you may want to get the individual pieces.”

This space-ship is also fitted with a 128x64 monochrome OLED for a crisp heads-up display that can be used in Arduino or CircuitPython to display keymaps, stats, computer performance, etc. There’s also a rotary encoder with push-button soldered in. Twist and turn it or push to change volume or monitor brightness or scroll: whatever you like! A tiny speaker can give audio feedback or play fun bleepy tunes.”

The USB mechanical programmable keypad kit is now available to purchase priced just under $45 and is perfect if you need an alternative programmable shortcut keypad for your PC, Mac or project. the kit features an easy to build design and provides everything you need to be up and running in no time at all. Programming shortcuts for your favorite game or application.

Source : Adafruit

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