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“pause. between lawn&cuffs” is a public, outdoor sound installation created by sound artist Boris Allenou and on display in the trees of the G Street plaza, the small park space between Second and Third streets in downtown Davis, until the end of February. The artist is working with funding support from the city’s Arts & Cultural Affairs Fund.

This sound exploration is designed to be a space where “natural, urban and electro-mechanical sounds mix to become tools responding to the ecological urgency, exploring the social sphere, proposing links and blurring distinctions between inner and outer networks so we can hear, imagine, reflect, and experience the Eco-system as a whole,” Allenou said.

Technically, the installation consists of 10 autonomous electronic modules (arduino, solenoids, motors, speakers and transducers, etc.) that explore the soundscape of this outside site by adding a new layer of sounds.

These modules tap, scratch, vibrate and resonate on plants, trees, the ground, bikes racks, poles and more.

“The technology involved in this project constitutes a link between the (sonic) modernity (computer, sensors and solar panels, etc.) of our lives and the ecological concerns and questions that arise from the way we live, we produce, we interact, we classify and react as a society,” Allenou said.

Using sound as a medium, this project encourages social and ecological reflection by asking questions such as:

How can our indoor and outdoor soundscapes be defined as parts of a much broader (sonic) ecosystem?

How does the presence or absence of one part of our sonic ecosystem impact others?

How does sound affect us and our moods and behavior and sense of well-being?

How do we unravel the interactions between “sounds” and “beings” in the context of the global health crisis?

For more information on the project, visit the artist’s website at

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