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I am finding your specification hard to follow. A drawing would help, along with some sort of narrative of what happens when you press the button. It would also be very helpful to explain what these will be used for.

And, how did an Arduino get in there?

Thanks! Lets ignore the arduino :) Was using it as a power supply to test the LEDs but dont want one in the future setup.

I’ve done an extremely crude drawing of the system, the top is the power input, on the left is the low current system which will run the toggle of the lights. There are four push buttons which in turn control three 1W LEDs and 2 regular LEDs, only one is wired up in the drawing so far. Essentially I’m thinking I will use a S/R Latch IC like the CD4043B CMOS R/S Latch IC which I have used before in other projects, and connect the push button to the Set and Reset pins on one gate, with the Q output going to a relay to turn on and off the LED on the high current side of the system. (the IC in the diagram is not the right one, assume the left two pins are S and R, and the right pin is Q output for that gate)

The part that I’m struggling with is the following;

  1. Should I use a Relay or MOSFET to switch the LEDs on and off? Is there any benefit to each?
  2. How do I power the system? In the diagram I’ve just connected everything to a power input, but Assume I will need some sort of voltage regulator, resistors etc for the system to control current of the LEDs?
    1. I’m thinking to use a mains plug transformer to give a DC voltage. I can figure out the LED side quite easilly as each LED will just need a resistor in series. On the IC side I assume also just a resistor somewhere like on the VDD to keep the current low, but my electronics knowedge is still quite basic, as it will be plugged in and on 24/7 how do I keep it safe, do I need to add some sort of protection on the power input? This is the part I’m struggling with most.

Any help would be great!


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