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By Julian Horsey

Petoi Bittle DIY robot dog

If you would like to learn more about robotics you may be interested in the opensource robot kit from the development team at Petoi. Who have created a tiny palm sized robot dog named Bittle, watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the robot. Bittle is now available to back via Indiegogo with early bird pledges starting from $250. Additional components and modules are also available to purchase separately, enabling you to expand the scope of a project you may have already built by adding robotic components.

Bittle makes a perfect tool for learning, teaching, and researching, or a surprising gift to impress your family and friends, says its creators, although Bittle is not a toy for small children. Designed for STEM education and fun educational play, the robot has been designed to bring down the technical and cost barriers normally associated with building dynamic quadruped robots.

robot dog

“Petoi Bittle is a tiny but powerful robot that can play tricks like real animals. We fine-tuned every bit to fit agile maneuverability into a palm-sized robot pet. You can bring Bittle to life by assembling its puzzle-like frame and downloading our demo codes on GitHub. You can also teach it new skills to win prizes in our community challenges. We recommend parental guidance to appreciate its rich content and avoid damage or injury.”

“Evolving with an open-source gene, Bittle is an open platform to fuse multiple makers’ gadgets into one organic system. With our customized Arduino board coordinating all instinctive and sophisticated movements, you can clip on various sensors to bring in perception. You could also inject artificial intelligence capabilities by mounting a Raspberry Pi or other AI chips through wired/wireless connections.

Bittle is the second product of OpenCat, sibling of Nybble. Backed by a worldwide user group, you can find many tutorials and project ideas on the Internet. By posting on our forum or social media (Instagram/Twitter @PetoiCamp), you can contribute to the community or simply make your wishes heard. We are always drawing the blueprint for futuristic robots!”

Source : Indiegogo

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