The American College Principal M. Davamani Christober examines innovations of the students of IT department in Madurai on Friday.  


Innovative projects done by five final-year B. Sc. IT department students of The American College were displayed on the college premises here on Friday.

Principal M. Davamani Christober saw the projects that were displayed by the students.

The students had prepared a smart dustbin, solar axis tracker, gas leakage detector, LED distance indicator and hand gesture control for laptop using Arduino technology.

S. Akileshwaran made a cost-effective smart dustbin. He used an Arduino board, ultrasonic sensor and servo motor. The working principle is such that when we place a hand or any object near the sensor, it will automatically open and close after a certain period of time. This model is easy to use.

N. Sathish Raja discovered the dual axis solar tracker. Earlier, a single axis tracker was only available. In this project , he used components like the Arduino uno board, solar panel, LDR sensor and servo motor.

He also used four LDR sensors in this project . LDR sensors recognise the intensity of light, which help to easily recognise the light and move towards the light direction.

M. Madhankumar made the LED distance indicator. This project senses nearby vehicles and all lights start to glow if a vehicle comes nearby. This is very helpful for the drivers to detect vehicles that approach toward them and they can avoid accidents.

S. Hariharan has made the gas leakage detector. It is used to detect LPG gas and gives a buzzer sound and turns on exhaust fans to avoid fire accidents. It detects LPG gas and Co2 only. This can be used for home appliances, mainly in the kitchen.

V. G. Kishore Karthik made a project that uses hand gestures to control certain features of laptops using Arduino. This is a project for controlling laptops using gestures. By using this project we can control a laptop with our hands without touching any keys.

N. Shabnam, Head of the Department, guided all the students.