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With the world evolving at its current pace, becoming a cyborg is no longer a Sci-Fi concept. And this Swiss startup seems to want to speed things up with its robotics kit that allows you to build your own wearable exoskeleton.

The EduExo Pro is Auxivo’s second such kit and it was designed as an educational product that helps hobbyists and students learn more about exoskeleton technology.

The Pro version is an upgrade from the original EduExo kit released in 2017. Why an upgrade? Because it is more powerful and smarter. The original exoskeleton could only be connected to the upper and lower arm, while the Pro version is a complete arm exoskeleton that also connects to your torso, in addition to the lower and upper arm, as explained by Auxivo.

EduExo Pro uses an Arduino microcontroller to be programmed and, in the box, you get a thorough manual with 10 chapters in it that teach you how to install and set up the exoskeleton, offering step-by-step instructions. But you have to do the entire job by yourself, hardware and software-wise. You have to put together all the mechanical parts (load-bearing parts, textile interface that needs to get connected to your body, the mechanical spring, ball bearings for the joints, and more), connect all the electronics, and program the microcontroller.

Auxivo thinks its EduExo Pro is great for both students who want to dip their toes into the field of exoskeleton technology, as well as teachers who need some assistive material for their courses. Hobbyists will also benefit from the fun project.

The EduExo Pro kit is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. It’s raised almost half of its proposed goal of $27,000, with 27 more days left in the campaign. If it reaches that goal, the EduExo Pro kit will be available for a pledge of CHF790 (around $850). Deliveries are estimated for November 2021.

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