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By Julian Horsey

Arduino Lint

Per Tillisch, Tooling Team SW Engineer at Arduino has published a new article on the official Arduino blog detailing a new tool to check Arduino projects for common problems. Arduino Lint runs over 175 checks on your sketches, libraries, and boards platforms which cover specification compliance, Library Manager submission requirements, and best practices.

Arduino Lint is an easy-to-use, yet powerful, command line tool, focusing on the structure, metadata, and configuration of Arduino projects, rather than the code and is available to install now via GitHub.

“The script requires sh, which is always available on Linux and macOS. sh is not available by default on Windows. The script can be run on Windows by installing Git for Windows, then running it from Git Bash. Pre-built binaries for all the supported platforms are available.”

Once Arduino Lint is installed you only need to open a terminal at your project folder and run the command: arduino-lint .

Source : Arduino Blog : GitHub

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