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By Julian Horsey

DIY Star Trek Tricoder project

Star  Trek fans wanting to build their very own DIY Star Trek Tricoder may be interested in a new Arduino project this month published by the team over at Element 14. Check out the humorous video below to learn more about the build and how it was created over 10 stages.

Hardware you will need include an Arduino MKR Zero, Multicomp Pro USB Bank, WAGO Pluggable Terminal Block, OLED Display and more but a full list is available via the link below. The team has also made available a version of the vinyl decor is to help you finish your DIY Star Trek Tricoder to the highest standard.

“The tricorder is the most ubiquitous scanning tool from Star Trek. Using the parts from the Build inside the box Competition, James builds a Baldcorder. Inspired by the tricorder’s design, his device can measure light levels and temperature. And it includes blinky LEDs (NeoPixels) so you can see it scanning. All of the Arduino code should compile with 1.8.x version of the Arduino IDE and you will need to to install Arduino MKR ZERO support in the board manager. The “” file has links to the libraries you need as well.”

Source : Element 14 : AB

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