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Starting salary:  $108K – $120k Location:  Burlington, Vermont or remote

The mission of Hack Club is to be a place where teenagers can become more technical, feel welcome in getting started, feel inspired to build with code in ways that are always honest, transparent, high-integrity, kind and friendly. We want students to self-organize and assert themselves as persons.

When successful, Hack Club will be a nationwide cultural institution, creating a new generation of young people become problem-solvers and builders for the 21st century, similar to the Boy and Girl Scouts of a century earlier.

But who shaped the story of the Boy and Girl Scouts?

We’re hiring our first Creative Director to work alongside our mix of journalists, programmers, startup entrepreneurs and donors, who include the world’s most innovative and creative individuals, to create a movement of young people who self-identify as “hackers”. As Creative Director, you’ll mastermind and execute our goal to widely publicize the transformative ideas driving Hack Club.

You’ll be reporting to Hack Club COO, Christina Asquith, who founded and led The Fuller Project for nearly a decade, and inspired newsroom leaders to take seriously journalism on women, particularly in war. She led fundraising for the first $7 million; and has 20 years of journalism experience reporting for news outlets like The New York Times, The Atlantic and The Economist.

Together with the founder and COO, you will drive the creation of Hack Club’s storytelling, leading in publishing op-eds, essays, blogs and think pieces; producing our live AMA events (like our AMA with Elon Musk), and crafting of creative ways to directly communicate Hack Club’s ideas to CEOs and leaders who support our movement. Join us if you’re excited about taking a startup to its next stage, launching an idea that will change the world alongside a creative, adventurous and spirited team working in a fast-paced environment.

About Hack Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, global organization:

Founded in 2014 by a teen hacker on the internet, 500 Hack Club are running today in high schools across the US and world. Nearly 12,000 students across the US and in 22 other countries have joined our online community, the most popular network of technically talented teenagers in the world. Since 2016, Hack Club has raised $2.8 million, and appeared in The Wall Street Journal, California Sunday Magazine, and The Today Show. Since COVID shut down schools, and Elon Musk tweeted Hack Club was “a cool group”, our online community skyrocketed 700 percent.

Hack Club is 4 parts: student-run, after-school computer science clubs; an online 24-hour technical chat community; a financial system for teenagers; and in-person/online computer science events.

Hack Club staff works directly with 14-18 year olds, as they run their own clubs and build amazing projects, including a weather balloon that sent an Arduino into space, a summer project that distributed $50k in hardware, a program to send thousands of hand-written cards to front-line COVID workers, a robot from recyled parts in Zambia, and so much more.

Hack Club operates with zero cost to school systems or taxpayers; has no teachers or curriculum; is remote and online; and is totally free and accessible to all teenagers regardless of race, gender or economic background. Our model works in rich, poor, urban and remote schools. Hack Club is also fully transparent with its finances, and operates at one of the lowest costs per student in the nonprofit sector. We rarely do corporate partnerships.

Hack Club is building a powerful base of philanthropic donors to help us achieve our mission of supporting teenagers to launch a Hack Club in every high school in every state across the US, sparking a new generation of inspired young builders, to lead America with 21st century technical skills.

Your job is to help us tell Hack Club’s story. We pride ourselves in being a coding education nonprofit that acts more like a tech-start up. Our work environment is fun, challenging, risk-taking, and high-energy. We are structured, but support flexible hours.

Your Week at Hack Club:

  • Produce and run amazing student-hosted AMAs every month, and mini AMA workshops weekly, with guests that have previously included Elon Musk, Stripe’s Patrick Collison, Facebook’s Chris Cox, and SpaceX’s Gwynne Shotwell. Done well, our online events will be smart, unpredictable, funny and totally different.

  • Support the COO in regularly publishing Hack Club ideas about education, technology and nonprofits.

  • Design (or hire a designer) to build our storytelling tools, including a deck, a long proposal and a short proposal. You’ll be teamed up with the founder and COO to execute on creating content that really reflects our values and ideas, and you’ll need to do the rigorous reporting / journalism to get it right

  • Tell Hack Clubber student stories. Hack Club uncovers hidden Einsteins, and their work can inspire you. We want those projects shared in video, articles, websites and Twitter threads. Do you have a killer news instinct that you can train onto our community, and break stories, and connect that to bigger news events?

  • Partner with the COO, who works across the organization on strategy, communications, fundraising, networking and storytelling. Be excited to build Hack Club, and take on the huge range of tasks that are needed in a startup.

About You:

  • You have stellar 21st century journalism skills, meaning you can write, report, do basic video editing, tweet, post, make graphs, write a succinct email and will learn basic design software

  • You’ve worked in journalism, communications or philanthropy, or can demonstrate excellence via projects/articles/reports

  • You can demonstrate a creative/weird/fearless side

  • Great executive functioning and organizational skills to manage up the founder and COO

  • You are a stickler for grammar and clean copy. Fact checking matters to you

  • You really like working with high schoolers

  • You embody the values of a model Hack Clubber: collaborative, kind, high integrity, helpful, and curious

  • You have the traits of a wonderful mentor: never condescending, never telling students how to do things, answer questions, but don’t lock students into any one specific course of action, genuinely want to see students learn and figure out things on their own

Hack Club is a fun, small, creative, tight-knit team that does a lot of creative, in-person work. We have a strong preference is for someone in-person in Burlington, VT, but we will consider applications from people who want to work remotely, provided they be willing to travel to our offices. We have COVID protocols and take them seriously. Relocation assistance available.

To apply for this job, log in/register on this website and click the “APPLY FOR JOB” button on this job posting.

with “hack the planet” in the subject line. We don’t think we’ll be able to identify this person by looking at resume alone, so please include 300-400 words on your background relative to this role and why you’re interested.

Compensation range: $108K – $120k, depending on experience and fit. We offer healthcare and 4 weeks paid vacation.

– Christina Asquith, COO, and Zach Latta, Executive Director

P.S. If you’re technical, you can apply by running $ ssh in your terminal.

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