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Arduino MKR IoT Carrier board is full of sensing

Small and circular, it can read fingerprints, there’s a proximity sensor for swiping your hand across the face of the device, a motion detector, colour detection, gesture sensing and environment sensors also relay temperature, humidity and air pressure.

It’s all displayed in a cute central circular screen. And there are also five RGB Leds up for grabs.

Check out the video below to see how easy the MKR IoT Carrier is to use. Just plug in the SD Card and battery and go.

Smart MKR IoT Carrier

The entry-level kit comes with a set of eight self-assemble projects, designed to show how turn everyday devices into ‘smart devices’.

The Arduino team writes:

“The carrier can become a WiFi, LoRa, NB-IoT or GSM compatible device by seamlessly connecting to any MKR family board. Building a user interface for these boards is easy with the embedded OLED Color screen, 5 capacitive touch buttons and the 5 RGB LEDs.”

“The integrated sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, RGBC light, gesture and proximity) allow to map the environment around the carrier. It’s possible to add more external sensors to capture more data from more sources and sore all the data locally or connect it to the Arduino IoT Cloud for real-time data capture, storage and visualisation: over 100 additional Grove sensors that can easily be connected directly to the carrier.”

The basic idea is to enable you to focus on brainstorming and prototyping your IoT ideas straight away, without having to deal with the wiring and soldering of the components.

Costing €48/$57.60 from the Arduino online store, the MKR IoT Carrier is now available to purchase

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