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By Julian Horsey

Chhavi fingerprint and NFC sensor

If you are searching for an easy way to add biometric fingerprint sensor to your project you may be interested in a new wireless open source ESP32-based fingerprint module equipped with NFC created by the engineers at Fingerprints. The Chhavi is a touch-capacitive, wireless, NFC-enabled fingerprint sensor with ultra low power and high end security capabilities. Chhavi is perfect for a wide variety of different fingerprint sensor applications thanks to its wireless connectivity, remote low-power and NFC capabilities.

Features of the Chhavi include a ESP32 WiFi/BT controller (2.4 Ghz), FPC BM-LITE Module (99% accurate fingerprint sensing), 250-500 maH LiPo battery with deep sleep functionality due to capacitive fingerprint sensor. The module will be available to purchase from the Crowd Supply website very soon.

“Chavvi’s open source firmware is fully compatible with Arduino IDE. Featuring Fingerprints’ FPC BM-Lite fingerprint sensor and the incomparable ESP32, Chhavi is simply superior fingerprint sensing hardware, just like the fingerprint sensor in your smartphone. Unlike optical-based fingerprint sensing, which is too large and power hungry, Fingerprints biometric module is highly accurate, tiny, and has low-power functionality. During our design process we decided that NFC is a key part of secure access and that there is no majorly available NFC + ESP32 enabled controllers, so we integrated all of this plus a remote capable battery into one tiny little device, Chhavi. A Wi-Fi + BLE/BT + USB + Fingerprint sensing + NFC integrated + battery capable module.”

“Chhavi is perfect for PC security, such as password managers or local authentications, as well as battery-based remote systems, a wide variety of locking systems and even attendance/personnel management systems, just to name a few.”

Source : Fingerprints

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