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By Julian Horsey

CANFDuino open source CAN bus for Arduino

Developers, engineers and Arduino enthusiasts may be interested in a new open source piece of hardware designed for CAN bus Arduino projects. Combining several essential features into one complete “ready-to-modify” package say its creators. The hardware includes dual CANFD bus ports, SD card slot, and a multitude of analog/digital IO and will soon be available from the Crowd Supply website.

“CANFDuino supports the latest version of the CAN bus standard CANFD (flexible data rate) with speeds up to 5 Mbps using two native ports with DB9 connectors in an enclosure ready to mount into your vehicle or build into your autonomous project. The platform was designed for tinkerers, hackers, and industry professionals looking for an off-the shelf open source CAN bus solution with no building required.”

CANFDuino open source CAN bus for Arduino

“Traditional open-source CAN bus Arduino solutions require the purchase of multiple shields, wiring, coding and provide no enclosure or connectors. The CANFDuino is a finished product that is “ready to modify”, providing prototyping space to add your own hardware, and open source Arduino IDE supported software libraries with example code.”

“Use CANFDuino for stand-alone (no PC) vehicle hacking and spoofing, and/or vehicle modification and automation. CANFDuino has no problem merging ECU data signals and driving IO based upon CAN/FD messages lights, custom switches, etc. You can also drive actuators, motors, or LED’s via CAN and/or record and transmit sensor/vehicle data via CAN.”

For more information on full specifications on the CANFDuino CAN bus Arduino development board visit the Crowd Supply product page by following the link below.

Source : Crowd Supplyfifth

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