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By Julian Horsey

binary decoder

Jim engineering student at RIT Jim Heaney has created a new binary decoder kit which he has launched via Kickstarter. The project has already raised its required pledge goal thanks to nearly 100 backers with still 23 days remaining. The kit not only shows you how to SMD solder and practice your binary skills and also allows you to learn electronics. The AtTiny 1616 in the binary decoder kit comes pre-programmed and ready to go once assembled.

Backer early bird pledges are now available for the inventive project from roughly $15 or £11 (depending on current exchange rates). If the Binary Decoder campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and fullfilment progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around June 2021.

“This kit will guide you through techniques to identify and solder all kinds of SMD components, including microcontrollers, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and fuses. Along the way, you’ll learn tips and tricks on how to incorporate SMD components into your own DIY projects. “

“No need to worry about flashing the code to the microcontroller, the included AtTiny 1616 comes pre-programmed and ready to go! Want to challenge yourself and write some new, awesome code for it? No worries! The source code is available open-source, and the AtTiny can be re-programmed with Arduino code through the UPDI programming port.”

“Once complete, the kit serves as a quick and easy reference for 8-bit binary numbers. Input a number to see the binary equivalent, or type in 8 bits to see the base-10 number! Want to add a cool look to your binary decoder? I am also offering a Special Edition PCB as an add-on that has a clear silkscreen. This will allow you to see all the copper traces that make up the PCB.”

For a complete list of all available early bird pledges, stretch goals, extra media and full specifications for the Kit, jump over to the official Binary Decoder crowd funding campaign page by following the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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