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The world of web-connected devices and DIY electronics projects shifts daily. In fact, with the explosion of ingenious applications of the foundational Internet of Things technology, it isn't hyperbole to say it's shifting almost minute to minute.

Five years ago, the IoT universe changed again with the introduction of ESP32, a dual-core microcontroller chip with both integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that also happened to be incredibly inexpensive. Since then, the ESP32 has become the beating heart of projects as fascinating as a tiny solar weather station, a step counter, a home appliance controller, and even a miniature web server.

Many of these projects also go hand in hand with the Arduino open-source programming platform using single-board microcontrollers to take cool web-enabled ideas to the next level. If it all sounds alien to you, The Internet of Things and ESP32 Arduino Beginners Course Bundle not only explains it, but also teaches new tinkerers how to unlock the power of these tiny, but mighty components.

The collection includes seven courses packed with first-timer-friendly explorations of how IoT devices work, what ESP32 microcontrollers can do, and how to put all these varied pieces together to create some amazing tools.

The Introduction to IoT with ESP32 and Program ESP32 without Coding kicks things off, introducing new users to how these systems work, a primer on coding in the C programming language, and even how to do all these cool projects without ever writing a single line of code.

After getting up to speed on the fundamentals, other courses in this collection start tackling specific projects students can complete on their own. With this step-by-step guide, users can build a smart garden plant environment monitoring system that watches water and soil moisture levels, air temperature, and humidity. 

Another uses Arduino IDE to read sensor data and send instant alerts via emails. And a third shows students how to build their own ESP32 web server, capable of engaging any device with a browser on the local network while triggering devices like motors, LEDs, relays, and more.

The Internet of Things and ESP32 Arduino Beginners Course Bundle is a fascinating step into this new world of creation for any motivated gadget lover, and right now, it's over 90 percent off its regular price. You can get all seven courses now for only $24.99.

Prices subject to change.

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