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An ARISS educational school contact is planned for Thomas Pesquet KG5FYG with students at College Albert Camus, La Norville, France and Universite Paris-Saclay, Saint Aubin, France

The contact is scheduled on Thursday June 17, 2021 at approximately 11.40.45 UTC, which is 13.40.45 CEST.

The link to the ISS will be operated by the amateur radio telebridge station ON4ISS, located in Belgium.

The contact will be conducted in French.

Downlink signals will be audible in Europe on 145.800 MHz narrow band FM.

School Information:

The college Albert Camus (Middle School) is located in La Norville (Essonne) in a rural area, about 40km South of Paris. Since Thomas Pesquet's Proxima mission in 2016, students have been able to join the space project classes. Thanks to the cooperation of different space partners and all through the year, the teachers of the project weave a common thread which has as its main theme the discovery of scientific knowledge related to Space around many activities including English, French, History, Mathematics and Physics including among other things text studying, meetings with professionals, conferences, 3D modelling and printing, animation in virtual reality, street art… In addition to the knowledge related to Space itself, this project aims at developing curiosity, critical thinking, research, thoroughness and imagination through contact with specialists in these fields.

Fourteen middle-school students will ask questions.

Our contact event will take place at the Universite Paris Saclay, one of the top ranked world universities, located near Orsay, Gif sur Yvette and Saclay, near the woody side of Vallee de Chevreuse and agricultural Plateau de Saclay, 20km SW of Paris (Essonne). The University has 275 research laboratories, about 65000 students and 10000 researchers, covering mathematics (ranked 1st in the world), physics (1st in Europe), medicine, space sciences (inc. ESA and NASA space missions), humanities, computer science, engineering etc. The exact location is the CentraleSupelec engineering school, also involved in ESA and nanosat programs.

Five students from first to 4th year enrolled in general physics undergraduate program (Licence), technician school (IUT) and CentraleSupelec engineer school will also ask a few questions, as they are passionate about space sciences and as we wished to mix middle-school and university students as part of our educational program.

Created in 1985, the F5KEE radioclub is in Viry Châtillon (Essonne), which hosted the world's first aerodrome, Port-Aviation, in 1909. Enthusiasm was essential and there were numerous technical and solidarity projects. The association s DNA is to share the passion for radio amateurism with as many people as possible and to offer practical achievements to young and old people alike. From a basic HF station to the creation of the radio club to the installation of satellite tracking and digital transmission, the association has made numerous investments each year. It also organizes courses on Arduino, training in amateur radio license, troubleshooting of TSF, astronomy courses and actively participated in solidarity missions such as the printing of thousands of protective visors during the Covid-19 pandemics. Several members of the radio club participate in ADRASSEC, a structure dedicated to civil security. The radioclub is also invested in the creation of a radio relay for civil security and another, for radio amateurs. Individually, several radio amateurs members have developed personal projects such as the reception of weather satellite images, radiosonde hunting, stratospheric balloon etc ...

The audience will also host about 200 middle-school students (collegiens) from the cities of Dourdan, Grigny and Massy, from either rural areas or dense cities in Essonne, and all passionate about science and space.

Pr Raphael Haumont Thierry Marx - both of them involved in Thomas Pesquet's finest French space food - will also attend the event, together with French ESA astronaut Michel Tognini.

The animator will be Fred Courant, a well known TV host in science education, who will broadcast live the event on the web channels of "L'Esprit Sorcier" and of the Universite Paris-Saclay. We hope to have tens of thousands of live viewers.

With this project, we wish to link middle schools, radio-amateurs and the University, to open the minds, enhance curiosity, promote science, exchange with the public about space sciences, and illustrate that "doing mighty things" is possible for everyone.

Students First Names & Questions:

1. Loïs (15): Avez-vous ressenti au second décollage les mêmes émotions qu’au premier?

2. Dorian (13): A votre retour dans l’ISS avez-vous retrouvé vos réflexes?

3. Anna (12): Qu’est-ce que vous trouvez compliqué en apesanteur?

4. Inès (12): Quelle est l’influence de l’apesanteur sur les 5 sens?

5. Sandra (14): Dans l’Espace rêve-t-on qu’on est en apesanteur?

6. Sarah (12): Quelles sortes d’expériences réalisez-vous dans l’ISS?

7. Benjamin (14): Quelles responsabilités aurez-vous en tant que commandant de bord?

8. Gabriel (13): Qu’est ce qui est le plus important pour vous derrière le nom de votre mission ALPHA?

9. Eliot (12): Faites-vous des choses différemment lors de votre 2eme mission?

10. Liam (12): Quand on est en sortie extra véhiculaire, est-ce qu’on pense à l’Espace autour de soi?

11. Alae (14): Appréciez-vous de la même manière les plats de Thierry Marx et Raphaël Haumont qui ont été préparés pour vous dans l’Espace?

12. Eliot (14): Qu’est-ce qui vous émerveille le plus dans l’Espace?

13. Gabriel (14): Quel principal conseil pouvez-vous donner à la future sélection des astronautes?

14. Adrien (15): Quelle influence espérez-vous avoir sur la jeunesse?

15. Julia (19, étudiante L1): Vu de l’espace, qu'observez-vous de la présence de l’Homme et de ses dégâts?

16. Apollonie (20, étudiante L2): Pensez-vous que l'on pourra trouver les moyens d'une alimentation durable lors d'un long voyage spatial, par exemple avec des micro-algues?

17. Pauline (19, étudiante IUT): En quoi votre expérience sur l'ISS permet de préparer les prochaines missions vers Mars?

18. Pol (20, élève 2A Centrale-Supélec): Quelles compétences de votre formation vous sont utiles aujourd’hui pour commander cette mission?

19. Albert (18, etudiant L1): Comment gérez-vous psychologiquement la présence du vide?

AMSAT Belgium annual Statutory Meeting

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