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Arduino World Gathering 2021: the official community conference you can’t miss

Arduino TeamMarch 27th, 2021

We’re proud to announce the Arduino World Gathering, taking place everywhere in October 2021. Multiple days packed with workshops, lightning talks and project demos; a virtual event for everyone to enjoy.

This is a conference made by you. Whether you built a cool project with Arduino for fun or profit, you want to share a neat hack with the novice users, or you want to host a workshop a particular skill, technique, or special know-how you’ve acquired – we want you. 

Hackers, creators, designers, engineers, educators. Stop what you’re doing and start putting your ideas together now. A call for proposals will open soon.

We’ll talk about hardware, software, open source, creative technology, interactive art, smart products, professional applications, education, home automation, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and more. All things Arduino!

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