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By Julian Horsey

Arduino CNC controller

An interesting Arduino project has been published to the Instructables website showing how an Arduino CNC shield and controller has been used to create an awesome 3 axis Arduino CNC plotter. The project uses an Arduino Uno R3, Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino CNC Shield V3 GRBL, Stepper Motor Driver A4988 and Arduino L293D Motor Shield together with a couple of wooden wine boxes to create a fantastic plot capable of precision drawing.

If you are interested in building your very own full instructions on how to combine the Arduino CNC shield and Arduino code for controlling the to DC servo motors have been kindly published to the Instructables website. Check out the demonstration videos below to see the home-made CNC plotter in action.

“Today, I would like to share how to build a 3 axis CNC machine at home using available or discarded materials. Specifically in this project, I reused 2 old DC servo motors and 2 wooden wine boxes, as well as, taking advantage of my daughter’s unused school supplies. My CNC is built from 2 DC servo motors for X, Y axis and 1 stepper motor for Z axis.”

“Motor voltage: 24 VDC, 38 VDC (E-type). In my case, I used 12VDC power supply to the motor because this voltage level is compatible with L293D Motor Arduino Shield. If you want to use a 24VDC power supply, the motor control module must have a higher voltage level, such as L298N. 

Source : Tuenhidiy : ABlog

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