Arduino project: autofocus honeycomb table for laser cutter K40 – Market Research Telecast


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The simple work table, which is firmly attached to the wavy base plate with spacers and which sits in the K40 laser cutter as standard, is at best an emergency solution and basically only suitable for engraving thinner material. Its surface is only approximately at the focal point of the laser beam, i.e. where the energy density is at its maximum, and cannot be readjusted. In my laser cut projects, this led to some only half-cut wood or plexiglass panels. A mistake that could only be remedied with great difficulty even by re-cutting (if you did not move the plate during the inspection), because the already existing half-baked cut edges burn easily. I have long wanted a height adjustment here. And preferably an electric one that automatically adjusts to the thickness of the material being cut, i.e. with autofocus.

Often the bottom of the rather carelessly jammed sheet metal housing of the K40 is also crooked, so that the work table screwed to it sits at an angle and the focal point is therefore only hit in a few places. This then leads to the fact that the cut material has been completely cut through on one side, but only scratched on the other. My new work table should therefore have the same distance from the cutting head in all places. Therefore, the new table should not be attached to the floor, but to the aluminum frame of the XY drive, which is always the same distance from the laser head.

In addition, the support surface of the original table is made of bare aluminum sheet and reflects the laser beam upwards. If a plate has been completely cut through, the reflected beam leaves ugly burn marks on both sides of the cut on the underside. This can only be changed with a honeycomb table in which the material to be cut rests on the narrow edges of a honeycomb lattice which, due to the small surface area, can hardly reflect anything from the laser beam.

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