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Arduino-based machine makes cutting and stripping wires easy

Arduino TeamDecember 9th, 2020

If you need to strip a wire or two, that’s easy enough. However, what if you need tens or hundreds of wires stripped to the exact same length? Such a task would quickly become tedious, but with Mr Innovative’s Arduino Nano-based machine all you have to do it pop in a few numbers and it takes care of the rest!

The automated device uses a 3D printer-like stepper mechanism to feed wire though a flexible length of tubing, which comes out on the other side positioned under a wire stripper. A servo is employed to aim the tubing and wire at either the cutting or stripping portion of the tool, which clamps down via a stepper and linkage setup. User interface consists of a 2.8″ touchscreen, allowing one to define the wire and stripped lengths, as well as how many individual wires are required.

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