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By Julian Horsey

ANAVI Macro Pad 2

A new project soon to be available from the Crowd Supply website is the open source, programmable two-key mechanical keypad with backlighting, taking the form of the ANAVI Macro Pad 2. The tiny open source 2% mechanical keyboard/keypad is equipped with two reprogrammable keys that can be used with macros or setup is dedicated shortcut keys.

ANAVI Macro Pad 2 is the perfect fit for video conferencing applications. You can easily turn the camera or microphone on or off. Various keymaps are available, including for Zoom, Jitsi, Google Meet, and Git and uses the Quantum Mechanical Keyboard (QMK) open source firmware.

“Getting started with ANAVI Macro Pad 2 is easy. It is powered by the advanced and yet easy-to-use Quantum Mechanical Keyboard (QMK) open source firmware. It works on Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux distributions.”

programmable keypad

“ANAVI Macro Pad 2 will be available in two do-it-yourself kits. The developer kit will not require any soldering, with just the enclosure to assemble. The maker kit will require soldering, but provides the opportunity to pick your own mechanical switches (compatible with the Cherry MX plate footprint), the color of 3 mm backlit LEDs, and the keycaps.

ANAVI Macro Pad 2 combines open source hardware with free and open source software. It has been designed using only free and open source software tools such as KiCad, OpenSCAD, and Inkscape. Quantum Mechanical Keyboard (QMK) is the default open source firmware. Arduino sketches will be available as examples for people interested in explore embedded development with a mini keyboard. Source code and schematics are available on GitHub. A comprehensive user’s manual will be provided.”

Source : Crowd Supply

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