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Slow day at the office? If so, you’re just in the right place. These easy and amazing DIY office gadgets will not only keep you busy but also make your life at the office incredibly easier once you’re done.

1. Turn an Old Laptop Into a Monitor

Don’t know what to do with your old laptop? Convert it into a monitor, and enjoy bouts of enhanced productivity that’ll have your boss thinking of giving you a pay rise. You’ll need your old laptop’s LCD screen, a compatible controller board, and a power source.

The process for this amazing DIY office gadget is straightforward. The only tricky part is tearing your old laptop apart to remove the LCD screen, but once you’re past that, you only have to connect the LCD panel and your current laptop or PC to the board.

Hook it up to a power source, and voila! You have a second monitor without breaking the bank. You now only need to create a stand for it. Note, you can also use a broken or dead laptop as long as the LCD panel is still working.

2. DIY Air Conditioner

Can’t seem to beat the heat because your cubicle is too far from the office’s AC? Don’t sweat it (literally); just DIY an air conditioner. The only supplies you’ll need are a small-medium-sized clear plastic container with a lid, CPU fan, three small elbows, and a switch. To make this, cut an opening for the fan on the container’s lid and three other holes for the elbow.

Hot glue the fan and the elbows on top of the container’s cover. Next, circuit the switch and the fan to the battery. Once the wiring is complete, hot glue the battery, and the small switch to the lid, add ice cubes inside the container and close the lid.

Switch it on, and there you have it; a small, compact air conditioner that blows cool air in three directions and doesn’t even use your company’s power.

3. DIY Stock Market Monitor Lamp

The stock market is quite volatile and keeping track of the changes through index movement on your monitor is a real pain. Whether your business deals exclusively with stocks or stock trading is part of your firm’s many ventures, this amazing DIY stock market lamp is guaranteed to be a game-changer.

It lets you keep track of the stock market by changing colors. Like others on our list of amazing DIY office gadgets, it’s straightforward to make and is even easier if you’re familiar with coding. Get an open-source Wi-Fi-compatible Arduino microcontroller, a smart light bulb, translucent light bulb globe, and the Python code for the stock market data stream you want to track.

Create a circuit connecting the Arduino and the bulb, write the relevant code (or look it up online) and upload it into the microcontroller. The translucent light globe is only for aesthetics. Find a secure and easily viewable surface and place your lamp to keep up with the stock market.

4. Electric Standing Desk

It’s no surprise that standing desks are all the rage currently. They promote productivity, reduce obesity and even help with back pain. But they’re super costly, which is why an electric standing desk is an amazing DIY office gadget project. You’ll need 2x4 boards, a five ¼ inch board, a DPDT 4-post rocker switch, and linear actuators (the faster they’re, the better).

Start by making the desk. Use the 2x4boards for the legs and the 5¼ inch board for the desktop. Drill a hole on the desktop’s side to mount the rocker switch, and then assemble the actuators by wiring them onto the desk legs.

Connect to the switch, and turn on the power on your 12V power outlet. Press the switch, and the actuators should adjust the table up and down. The project might take you about six hours and costs around $300, which is much cheaper since store-sold electric standing desks cost $1,000 and above.

5. Arduino Flashlight Projector

Save your startup some money by making the Arduino flashlight projector. Unlike standard projectors, it uses a flashlight, so you won’t have to worry about the bulb burning out or breaking.

You’ll need four side panels (this is where you mount everything), 2.0LCD panel, Raspberry Pi Model B, a 12V 8AA battery holder, lens mount, and camera lens.

Of the four panels, one will be an LCD holder, and the other is where the camera lens goes. Start by combining the four panels to create the main body, and then prepare the flashlight mount and assemble Raspberry Pi. Next, mount your LCD panel, followed by the lens mount and the camera lens, and you’ll have a fully functional projector that projects on any surface.

In addition to this project, you can use the Raspberry Pi to make a wireless printer or DIY Chromecast.

6. DIY Tin Can Wi-Fi Antenna/Waveguide

If you work in an office setting with plenty of people, the Wi-Fi signal might sometimes buffer because there are far too many users. Buying a commercial Wi-Fi antenna doesn’t make sense because you’ll probably use it in the office only. Skip the hassle and make a tin can Wi-Fi antenna (cantenna).

It’s incredibly cost-efficient, and it is an easy DIY office gadget to make. You’ll require a tin can (with at least a three inch diameter), four tiny nuts and bolts, an N-female mount connector, and a thick wire. As for the tools, get a ruler, drill, soldering iron, and marker.

To make it, drill holes in the can, attach your N female connector to the can, and secure the assembly using bolts. Finally, connect your newly made invention to your access point using a pigtail. You’ll notice an improvement in Wi-Fi signal strength, and you’ll have spent about $7, which is way cheaper compared to buying a commercial antenna.

Bring Out the Genius in You

There’s an endless array of amazing DIY office gadgets you can make using items you use every day at home and the office. Bring out the genius in you by modifying, improving, or even crafting entirely new DIY gadgets using the examples above as inspiration.



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