#4 Clive Barker

Below is an instruction that describes a task. Write a response that appropriately completes the request.


Write a 1000-word horror story about an old key, a young man, and his pet cat as if it were written by Clive Barker. Use the word ‘microwave’ in that story.


In the heart of the city, nestled between two decaying buildings, stood an ancient structure. The walls were adorned with age-old secrets, and the air was thick with whispers of forgotten tales. It was within this shadowy realm where the young man, James, stumbled upon a peculiar key. The key was small, yet it emanated an eerie energy, as if it were imbued with some unholy power. Intrigued, James pocketed the key and continued to explore the labyrinthine halls, his pet cat, Midnight, by his side.

As the days passed, James began to notice a change within himself. His dreams became haunted by visions of twisted landscapes and sinister figures. Amongst them all, one figure stood out – a hooded, skeletal being, clutching a microwave oven. Curiosity piqued, James decided to seek out the source of these disturbing visions. He returned to the chamber where he found the enigmatic key, hoping to unlock the mystery behind his newfound torment.

As the key slid into the lock, the door creaked open, revealing a dust-covered study. A musty smell filled the air, and the flickering light cast eerie shadows on the walls. As James ventured deeper into the study, his sense of dread intensified. The once-majestic bookshelves now housed decrepit tomes, their pages riddled with ancient magic. Midnight, sensing her master’s unease, cautiously followed him.

Suddenly, James spotted a small, golden-framed painting on a nearby table. It depicted the same hooded figure from his dreams, standing before a microwave oven. As he approached the painting, the hooded figure seemed to move, beckoning him closer. James felt an inexplicable connection to the image, as if it held answers to the questions plaguing his mind. With a sudden jolt, he realized the truth – the figure in the painting was an aspect of himself, a part of his subconscious that had been suppressed for years.

James’ journey had led him full circle. The key he found had unlocked more than just a door; it had unlocked a part of his soul. As he gazed upon the painting, he understood that the answer to his torment lay not in the physical world but within the depths of his own psyche. With newfound clarity, James set fire to the painting, eradicating the malevolent entity that had haunted him. He then turned to the microwave oven in the painting, its cold, metal surface mocking him.

With a heavy heart, James knew he had no choice but to face the demons within. Taking a deep breath, he reached for the microwave’s handle, steeling himself for what awaited him on the other side. To his surprise, instead of the darkness he expected, he found solace and understanding. The microwave oven had become a portal to his inner self, revealing the path to recovery and redemption.






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