2.13 inch tri-color E-Ink display for Wemos D1 Mini board is only $10 – Goodereader


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If you are looking for a tiny three-color E Ink display, the Wemos D1 Mini board can fit the bill perfectly, more so given that it comes for just $10 a pop. Developed by Lolin, the display is all of 2.13-inch having support for red, black, and white colors. Further, the display has a resolution of 214 x 104 pixels and compatible with D1 mini, D1 mini Pro, and D32 Pro boards. The connection is established via a 10-pin connector.

Other specifications mentioned include Good Display UC8151D for the Driver IC and 8-pin unpopulated header with EPD signals (SPI, Reset, Busy…) 3.3V, GND for debugging. Intriguingly, information printed on the PCB claims it to be a ‘2.13 INCH e-Paper 250×122’ even though the resolution supported is 212 × 104 pixels. That’s probably because Lolin has reused the PCB meant for its 2.13-inch black and white e-Paper display that supports a resolution of 250 × 122 pixels.

Users will be able to program the display with Arduino using LOLIN_EPD, Adafruit_GFX, and Adafruit_BusIO libraries. One can refer to Wiki and Github for more info on this and can be just the right accessory for DIY projects and other tasks.

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