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While using the FS Radio Panel Android app, see the previous video, the idea came up that it would be nice to have physical knobs to operate the radios. To imagine how this could look like I made a 3D drawing of a panel.

Scroll down to watch the video. Click the images to enlarge.

Mobiflight NAV COM radio stack panel

How to connect the encoders to the flight sim? Being an avid Arduino user (blog: Rudy’s Arduino Projects) I Googled for Arduino + FSX. Two solutions to connect an Arduino with a flight sim came up. They make it possible to access almost any flight sim parameter. Both apps require FSUIPC to be installed, which I already had anyhow.

One of the options is Link2FSMulti. The interface uses predefined variables for the flight sim parameters, which can then be used in the Arduino sketch. We’ll have to write the code to handle encoders, switches and displays ourselves. This gives much flexibility, we can code what ever we want, which can be a pro. If you’re into Arduino programming that is … if not then it’s a con.


The other option is MobiFlight. No Arduino coding is required here. Hardware like encoders, switches, displays and servo- or stepper motors is configured via a PC user interface, after which MobiFlight generates the Arduino code and uploads it. The next step is to configure the flight sim functions and parameters we want our hardware to control or to read out. Then press ‘Run’ and we’re all set to go.

Encoders MobiFlight

I connected two encoders to an Arduino Pro Mini and tried it out. It all worked right away … I was able to control FSX parameters like the NAV1 frequency and the heading bug. There will be a separate video on how to do the MobiFlight configuration soon.

With this working so well “Why limit myself to just four encoders?” I thought. Why not create a panel that has encoders, switches and 7 segment displays to control the autopilot too? This idea led to a new 3D design for a Radios & Autopilot panel.

MobiFlight auto pilot panel

Of course all the screens of FSRadioPanel can be used:

I realize it looks nothing like any real airplane cockpit, but I don’t mind. I’ve seen videos of really wonderful cockpits that people built at home, but more often than not these require expensive modules and the total cost easily goes into the thousands.

The total cost of a Radios & Autopilot panel will be around $40,- which includes purchase of the FSRadioPanel app. It has more content than the Saitek Radio-, Multi Purpose- and Switch Panel combined, which together already amount to over $300,-. A DIY panel at $40,- is a steal and there’s the added fun (and probably also some frustrating moments 🙂 ) of building it.

So … it’s a go … the project to build the hardware and to configure the MobiFlight software for the Radios & Autopilot Panel started today!

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