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If you’ve ever considered buying wooden tech accessories online, you already know that they most of them don’t come cheap. You can save your money and still achieve your unique “wooden” goals by making some gadgets with resources idling in your home.

Here are 11 inspiring DIY wood projects you can tackle this summer.

1. Wooden Digital Clock

Let's face it, people barely use clocks to tell the time nowadays. Nonetheless, no modern device has taken the aesthetic place of digital clocks yet.

If you need a cool digital watch that glows in the dark for use in your bedroom, this video guide is for you. You'll need an Arduino microcontroller to power the logic behind the watch and provide functionalities such as alarms and pixel games.

The wooden digital clock is a masterpiece that can complement any type of interior decor. You can use it at home or gift a loved one.

2. Wooden Charging Station

Charging a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smartwatch every now and then is one of those activities that’s annoying but necessary for everyone with a modern gadget. That said, how about charging on a polished device to take some of the dread out of the process?

A wooden charging station is one of the easiest ways to do this. The setup is quite simple since it accomplishes one critical task, getting rid of desk clutter.

Once it’s complete, the power extension, power bricks, and most of the lengthy cables will be housed inside the station, leaving a few visible ports.

Looking for other inspiring ideas? Check out these awesome DIY tech projects you can tackle this summer.

3. DIY Wooden USB

Making a wooden USB device is a cool and fun idea that expands your creativity. The best type of lumber to use is a dense hardwood that’s resistant to splitting since you'll be cutting up tiny planks.

Once you've shaped and smoothed out the two covers of the USB, apply a strong glue to hold the pieces in place. The end product is a unique USB drive, which is more durable than typical plastic variants you can buy from electronic stores.

4. DIY Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

A wooden Bluetooth speaker is the perfect weekend project for any audiophile who wants to standout from their friends in audio gear. Keep in mind that buying a wooden audio system in retail stores can be quite costly, so you’re saving a lot.

The most important parts in the unit are a wooden enclosure and circuitry between the speakers and the Bluetooth module. On completion, you'll have a powerful speaker you can use with your laptop smartphone.

5. DIY Wooden Amplifier

An amplifier boosts the volume and quality of audio coming out of your cell phone. You may want to try this hack if the sound is too low, even at maximum volume. The idea behind the wooden amplifier is to direct all the audio to a single front firing outlet inside a material that doesn’t absorb most of the sound waves.

You don’t need any power tools to create the amplifier since most hand tools will get the job done. Once the setup is completed, insert the phone into its slot and turn on Deezer or Spotify to enjoy music.

6. DIY Wooden Lamp

A wooden lamp is a desirable product since it has more character than a plastic one, especially when placed on a desk or bedside drawer. For the power plug, consider any suitable two or three-pin options from old devices that you no longer use.

Once the project is done, you can paint the wooden stand to give it a more polished look. Make sure the lamps can easily be unplugged for replacement once they burn out.

7. Wooden Flashlight

Despite the popularity of smartphones and the LED flashlight that comes baked into the devices, traditional torches still have a place in daily activities.

For this project you'll need a piece of hardwood that can be sanded into a rod. You’ll also chisel out the interior to accommodate batteries and wires. Polishing and painting the flashlight will help prevent and hide unsightly smudges since this is a handheld device.

8. Wooden Chandelier

Shiny chandeliers have become ubiquitous in most western living rooms. As such, it’s the high time to attempt a different approach with a wooden variant.

For this project, you'll need to plan and lay out the wood designs before you get started. A jigsaw is quite useful if you want to shape your wooden pieces accurately.

Besides that, think about how the pieces will be joined. It's crucial that you sand and paint the pieces before using glue to join them for uniform results.

9. Wooden CPU Casing

PC cases have gained prominence over the past few years as gaming changed into an e-sport and digital hobby. A wooden unit for a processor is a cool hack you can try this weekend.

You'll need at least five wooden planks whose size depend on the CPU content you want to house.

One thing you need to carefully consider is heat dissipation since wood is an insulator.

10. iPhone Stand

There are several reasons why you'd want to make an iPhone stand. You may be interested in watching videos on the device for long hours or charging the device as you scroll social media platforms such as Instagram. A wooden stand is a great product that’ll help you achieve these goals.

The most crucial factors are having adjustable angles and a provision for the charging cable. The stand will also help transform your phone into a bedside clock at night.

11. Wooden TV Stand

In a society where almost everyone either has a glass or metallic TV stand, a wooden alternative makes sense to any curious DIY enthusiast.

To successfully implement this project, you'll need to use strong hardwood since most TVs are heavy and delicate. Ensure the TV is easy to mount and unmount using metallic screws and the included VESA brackets.

Get Comfortable With Wood

Wooden artifacts and accessories have a distinct premium vibe that their plastic or metallic counterparts lack. Luckily, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for such items since you can make them at home. Working with wood will also improve your carpentry skills.



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