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The demand for the highest picture quality has led to the massive growth of high definition TVs, eliminating the need for DVD players. While this is great, many CD and DVD players are now idling on shelves and collecting dust.

The good news is that there are many projects you can tackle to give your old DVD player a new purpose. Most of these projects are beginner-friendly, plus the additional materials needed are affordable. Below are 11 inventive projects you can try during your free time to reuse your old CD or DVD player.

1. Add Bluetooth to an Old DVD Player

Adding Bluetooth to your DVD player is a straightforward process. You’ll only need a USB Bluetooth kit, a drill, a screwdriver, and an auxillary cable for this project. The task requires you to make a few modifications before fixing the Bluetooth kit, and it takes less than an hour to complete. Better yet, you can involve the kids as the entire process is beginner-friendly.

2. CD-ROM Into Vintage Speaker

Give your room that vintage vibe while listening to your favorite music with this thoughtful project. The vintage speaker makes an ideal pick when going out for outdoor activities or resting in your backyard. You’ll need components such as an X-Acto knife, two 15-watt full-range speakers, glue, a screwdriver, screws, an amplifier board, and a power adapter.

You can seal the edges with black adhesive tape to give the speaker a clean look while increasing durability. Although the process may be pretty challenging for beginners, the results will fascinate your family and friends.

3. Macro Lens From an Old Player

You can buy a snap-on macro lens for your smartphone, but where is the fun in that? Use your old DVD player to make a macro lens for your device instead. The materials you need, like a penknife, scissors, and magnetic tape, are readily available at a local stationery store.

Dismantling your DVD player to remove the small lens is a painless process. You can use an airbrush and alcohol wipes to clean the lens, before then mounting it on your phone to make images look more lifelike.

4. A USB Player From a DVD Player

The transition you’ll make with this project is next-level, and you’ll be glad that you kept your dusty old DVD player. Anyone with basic soldering and electric skills will have an easy time making this gadget. Remember to be extra careful with the internal components of your DVD player, though, since most are fragile.

You can test whether your USB player is working before gluing the part to your DVD player. Give the new set a premium look by painting it with your favorite color.

5. DVD Player Becomes an Audio Amplifier

Your old CD player deserves a second life, and here’s a chance to repurpose it. Any DIY music lover will appreciate this project, and the best thing is that the process requires basic electrical know-how.

The materials required include one DC adapter, an audio board with bass, female-to-female jumper wires, a female-to-male headphone stereo adapter plug, a male plug and female jack, and a breakable pin header connector strip. Creating a block diagram gives you a better understanding of the entire process.

6. Arduino Mini Laser Engraver

Commercial laser engraving machines are pretty expensive, but thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to personalize gifts since you can make one. The components required for this task are two old DVD players, neodymium magnets, a soldering kit, a 3D printer, one IRFZ44N MOSFET, Arduino Nano, screwdrivers, and a PCB board. Anyone with basic Arduino skills will enjoy making this mini laser engraver.

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7. Make a Burning Laser

Apart from your DVD player, you’ll need one LM317 voltage regulator, an AA battery pack with four batteries, a 10 ohm resistor, some wire, a desoldering bulb, one soldering iron, solder, a breadboard, and a screwdriver.

Harvesting the laser diode requires utmost precision since it’s sensitive to static and other types of shock. The high-powered lazer may cause eye blindness, so remember to wear laser protective glasses.

8. CNC Plotter

Uniquely use your old CD or DVD player to craft a CNC plotter. The build has smart design choices and neat cable management, giving it pleasing aesthetics. You’ll need two old CDir DVD players, Arduino Uno, breadboard 400 points, wires, a servo motor, one glue gun, screws, nuts, a plywood sheet, a 3mm rod, and one plexiglass plate.

The mechanical construction is a bit complicated, especially for beginners, but you’ll appreciate the learning process. In case your engine doesn’t move, check whether the in-and-out pins are reversed.

9. DVD Player and Floppy Driver to 3D Printer

E-waste is everywhere, and there’s plenty you can do with it if you have some basic engineering skills. DIY enthusiasts can make a cost-effective 3D printer from a DVD player and floppy driver in a few steps. Ensure the floppy drivers supply you with stepper motors rather than DC motors to make the 3D printer functional.

The motor may experience overheating or step loss, so ensure you regulate the current intensity each motor will get. There are some free programs that allow you to interact and control the printer, like Repetier. Repetier is easy to install and includes a slicer.

10. Use the Motor to Make a Robot

Robotic projects are always exciting, and this one is no exception. The components required are a hot glue gun, DVD motor, wire, pliers, and a soldering iron. Although this task is easy to implement, it will inspire you to try more complex robotic projects in the future. The robot wiggles around quickly on a smooth surface.

Here are other beginner-friendly electronics projects you can try this weekend.

11. DVD ROM Into an Audio Amplifier

Owning a practical audio amplifier won’t cost you an arm and a leg, all thanks to this exciting project. You’ll need materials like two bookshelf speakers, scissors, a pencil, ruler, and screwdriver, and some black adhesive tape and pliers. Wipe the components with a clean toothbrush to ensure that you work with spotless parts.

Connecting your phone to the audio amplifier through an audio jack allows you to listen to your favorite tunes. You can watch someone complete this project on YouTube if you need some guidance.

Make Use of Your Old DVD Player

Hopefully, you’ve spotted several projects you can try out this weekend. Most materials are affordable and easy to use, so beginners won’t have a hard time figuring out what to do. You’ll be surprised by the engineering, soldering, and electrical skills you’ll gain once you complete any of the above projects.



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