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Like most people, you probably have friends that tend to show off their new stuff or cool projects. It’s time show them your creative side. The DIY projects described below are functional and impressive. After successfully completing one of them, your friends will have a newfound level of respect for you.

1. DIY Smartphone Projector

You can make a cheap projector at home with the smartphone you currently own. This project will not only make movies and videos fun to watch but will be a learning experience on how optics work.

The most important materials you need for this hack include a mirror, a phone, and a magnifying glass. Once you’re done, you can show the setup to your friends and maybe watch a movie together.

2. Tin Can Wi-Fi Antenna

One of the major shortcomings of using Wi-Fi at home is the short range that gets worse if there are lots of obstacles such as concrete walls. This problem is common when you’ve a strong connection in the house but what you really want to do is access the internet and watch shows from outdoors.

Commercial Wi-Fi extenders can be expensive depending on the manufacturer and the specifications you need. However, you can get most of their features in a $5 tin hack. Once the project is complete, you’ll have learned a thing or two about antenna technology which can be useful when tuning your other entertainment devices like HDTVs.

3. Arduino Candy Dispenser Machine

Want to surprise your friends when they visit you? Create a candy dispensing machine. With a microcontroller, access to a PC, and a motor, you’ll be able to put together this cool gadget.

One cool aspect of the machine is that it can be programmed not to dispense too much candy in a certain period, controlling your sugar intake. An Arduino candy dispenser can be your calorie regulator. Chances are that your friends will want something similar once they see it in action.

4. Magnetic Wristband

A magnetic wristband is a useful tool for people who frequently work with tiny nails, screws, and other ferrous items. With such a wristband, you don’t have to worry about losing tiny items since you can hook them to the wrist and carry on with your work.

The magnetic wristband DIY project is also suitable for kids who need to carry around their small toy cars. Your friends might find the hack useful and can gift it to younger siblings who frequently loose small items such as coins and dollhouse keys.

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5. DIY Thermal Goggles

Thermal goggles were first invented as a military accessory for nighttime missions. However, they’ve become a common hiking and travel item that anyone can buy. What’s better is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a pair since they are relatively easy to make.

The goggles rely on infrared light, meaning that heat waves are registered visually through the lenses. This project is one of those cool and handy hacks that you’ll want to keep around for emergency use.

6. Homemade AC Unit

You may be one of those people who hate the sticky and humid weather especially when you are trying to work indoors. The good news is that you can put together a cool hack that will solve this problem cheaply. Before, you get started, remember that scale matters. A smaller project will be easier to complete successfully than a larger one.

For this setup, a milk carton can be used as the housing for the intake motor. Once the hack is complete, all you need to do is place the AC unit on your desk and point the top opening of the carton at your working space for a cooling effect.

7. Mason Jar Speakers

Setting up your own fab speakers is easier than you may think. You’ll need a mason jar, speaker, and a few wires. You can use the speaker to boost your smartphone volume when watching movies or YouTube videos.

This project is quite extensible since you aren’t limited in the number of speakers you can create. If you have five or six jars, feel free to create a mini sound system for your pleasure.

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8. DIY Multi-Touch Table

If you’ve had to show photos or videos to six or seven friends at the same time, you know that your standard computer monitor won’t get the job done. Neither will a tablet placed flat on a table since most screens are less than 13 inches diagonally. That’s where a multi-touch table comes in.

This DIY project lets you create a large flat canvas that you and your friends can interact with at a round table. Ensure the side bezels are slightly raised above the glass to protect the display because your friends might lean on it.

9. Battery-Powered USB Charger

If you didn’t know, it’s possible to juice up any device that uses a USB charging port using standard batteries. This setup can be useful if you are stranded in a place without access to the AC mains but have a charged external battery.

The scenario is quite common since most rechargeable home batteries use solar panels. If you have access to a battery larger than 100V, you can charge all your friends smartphones and tablets without depleting the cell.

10. Easy DIY Heater

What do you do if you don’t want to incur the huge bill that comes with commercial heating solutions?

DIY is the answer. A ceramic space heater is the heating solution that you want. The project will only cost you a few dollars since all the heat will come from tealight candles placed inside the ceramic heater.

Stay Creative, Build it Yourself

Work and home improvement projects don’t have to be expensive. You can charge your devices, warm your house, or get better connection to your Wi-Fi for cheap. These DIY projects we’ve covered are a fun and cool way to surprise your friends as well. If they are too impressed, be ready to guide them on their own projects.


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