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By Julian Horsey

FPGA programming board

Soon to be launching via the Crowd Supply website are two new FPGA programming boards taking the form of the µLab Kiwi and Kiwi Lite. The project has launched as yet but you can jump over to the official project page and register your details to be kept up-to-date when the project launches. Both Kiwi boards have been designed to provide a powerful solution for learning more about and programming FPGA board, featuring plug and play support and everything you need to get started with your first project including software and tutorials to get you up and running straightaway. The Kiwi boards have been specifically designed to help students, hobbyists, makers and professionals program projects easily, with powerful tools at their disposal.

“FPGA development can be challenging for beginners, in large part because it’s quite different than microcontroller development. Our Kiwi board provides a clever solution. It integrates an ESP32-S2-WROVER (ESP32), which is now commonly used amongst hobbyists, and is programmable through the well-known Arduino IDE. This provides the unique ability to develop your projects with the familiar ESP32, then move on to the FPGA board for the more complicated tasks. For example, creating a logic analyzer on an FPGA alone can be quite hard. The ESP32 makes it much easier to process the data and display it.”

“The µLab Kiwi and Kiwi Lite fit a wide range of use-cases. From making an LED blink, to creating a wifi-enabled logic analyzer, a VGA driver, a CPU and more. We have intentionally included of all of the features needed to create complex projects. We also provide tutorials and project samples, which makes it easy to create any project you’d like.”

For more details on full specifications on the µLab Kiwi and Kiwi Lite FPGA  board for programming and development jump over to the official Crowd Supply project page by following the link below the open source programming boards or inspired by a lack of information and tutorials on programming FPGA boards.

Source : Crowd Supply

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